A bit more detail


My professional portfolio contains examples of website copy, product descriptions, blogs and B2B/B2C content for a variety of industries and companies, including the Games Room Company and the BBC. (Unfortunately I can't post it in its entirety for contractual reasons, but you can reqest a copy here.)



The nice thing about a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting is that it's equipped me with a broad range of skills, some of which I use to occasionally produce short films and semi-professional photography. I wasn't initially sure what I wanted to do at university; the course was eventually suggested by my mum, and I've never heard the end of it. Thanks Mum. ,

Who am I?


My name's Jack Stocker, and I'm a freelance content producer. My given name was surprisingly not in the top baby names of 1992 - my year of birth - instead weighing in at 155, just below Javier. I was a bit surprised, too.


What do I do?


Well, a little bit of everything, but I'm first and foremost a writer. I've been doing so since my early teens, and a lot of my creative work is available on this very site. As a freelance journalist, I write prolifically for several publications, among them Northern Soul and Take One Magazine.



Stuff I've been working on lately:

Vampires In The North West

Not Like Most Girls

If you have any questions, feedback or offers of work please don't hesitate to drop me a line using the email address below. I'd love to hear from you!